Drugs Kill

The news of the death of Whitney Houston was a devastating blow to many of her followers around the world. But if we look at her history of drug abuse, we can certainly say that Whitney was swimming in dangerous waters.

You may remember how her behavior began to change in the late 1990s when she had to cancel concerts and appearances on various television programs. In 2000, airport security guards in Hawaii found marijuana in her luggage. Whitney managed to escape when the plane took off and the authorities failed to arrest her. Two months later she was invited to sing at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but apparently due to her drug addiction she was late and could not participate in this prestigious event. In 2002, in an interview with Diane Sawyer, the singer admitted to having been using drugs, including cocaine.

Whitney probably already knew she was sick. Perhaps she heard that addiction to drugs and alcohol are caused by biological, psychological, and social factors. This is why it is known to be a bio-psycho-social disease.

The biological aspect considers the genetic and hereditary components of addiction and the effects of the disease on the body itself. We often hear about the neurobiological theories as well, which are becoming an essential part of the study of addictions. The psychological component of the disease is related to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that generate addiction.

Many experts have studied addictions through psychoanalytic theory, social learning theory, classical conditioning, and the theory of personality. The psychological component has recently acquired great importance due to the fact that many addicts also show signs of other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or eating disorders. Whitney demonstrated some mood changes that were probably associated with depressive episodes and were most likely very difficult to control.

The social component of the bio-psycho-social theory of addiction focuses on families and relationships. Undoubtedly, this disease has a negative effect on how addicts relate to the world and to the people around them. Reports from various media outlets reflect the magnitude of the problems that the singer had with her mother, with her daughter Bobbi Kristina, and Bobbi’s father.

It is important to see addiction from a multidimensional perspective, as this is critical for getting a complete picture of the problems caused by this disease and the areas to be addressed in treatment. In addition, many people have added a spiritual component to this multidimensional approach and a large number of addicts have been able to experience recovery through a successful spiritual program. Ironically, one night before her death, many heard Whitney performing the song Jesus Loves Me.

Unfortunately, Whitney apparently was not able to accept the extent of her problem. Had she been able to do so, an effective intervention might have been incorporated that could have saved her life.

This great artist could not overcome the disease of addiction, which is now threatening to kill millions of people in the United States and around the world…a disease that is taking the lives of thousands of people every day.

If you, like Whitney, find yourself facing difficulties with drugs or alcohol, seek help immediately from a caring professional. While it is too late for Whitney, may it not be too late for you.


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