Can You Manage Stress?


It is difficult to know the exact causes of all the illnesses in human society, yet some of them have been noted to have physiological and psychological origins. Most healthcare professionals agree that stress can have serious physical, psychological, and emotional consequences in the individual.

People under high stress may lose control of a situation, which can be detrimental to them and others around them. Unfortunately, there are unavoidable daily situations that cause stress, such as school, work, bills, children, and other daily obligations. Trying to reduce stress by smoking, drinking alcohol, or using drugs undoubtedly leads to adverse effects.

Experts point to the importance of recognizing when one is losing control because of stress, for studies reveal that the relationship between stress and most psychological and emotional disorders is a reality. Clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety disorders show a direct relationship between these illnesses and the level of stress in the individual. Other common conditions in the United States such as posttraumatic stress disorder and alcoholism also worsen when stress levels escalate.

People who have a good mental health pay close attention to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They have learned healthy techniques to deal with stress and how to solve the problems they encounter in daily life. They feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships. They usually practice relaxation exercises or meditation, engage in physical activities, and enjoy reading meaningful and useful material to boost their self-esteem.

Seek help if you feel your stress is unmanageable.


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