Alcohol Consumption at Christmas

Christmas is a time to share gifts, peace, and love with family and friends. However, it is also a time when alcohol consumption increases, and with that comes tragedy. When we celebrate everything with alcohol, we tend to forget the catastrophic consequences of uncontrolled consumption. Many people are killed and the number of serious accidents due to its consumption is even greater. It is important to raise public awareness about the consequences, damages, and risks.

Moreover, it is even more important to know if you are an alcoholic and don’t realize it.

If you plan to gather with family and friends, take a responsible position if you will be providing alcohol at parties. Irresponsible behavior could make it the worst time of year for many. Make sure there is a lot of nutritious food like vegetables and cheeses so guests do not drink on an empty stomach. Above all, ask your guests to choose a designated driver before going to the party. This person should consume non-alcoholic drinks to help ensure that your family and friends arrive home safely.

The association of drinking and partying is inevitable for most Hispanics in our community. Many people who have health problems and know that their consumption can have serious consequences are often tempted and willing to take “just a little.” It is a good idea to reflect and think about how this can affect your health even more, especially if you suffer from health problems such as diabetes, liver disease, irritable bowels, or others. Individuals with emotional or psychological problems can also be seriously affected by the use and abuse of alcohol.

“How much is too much alcohol,” is the question to ask. The following are some questions to help you determine if you or someone close to you may have a drinking problem:

  1. Do you think you should reduce your alcohol intake?
  2. Do you mind if others criticize your drinking?
  3. Have you ever felt bad or guilty for drinking too much?
  4. Do you have problems with family or friends because of drinking?
  5. Do you have problems at work because of drinking?
  6. Have you missed work because you were sick from drinking too much the day before?
  7. Have you operated a machine or driven a car under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may need professional help. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are some of the problems that most affect our Hispanic community. Alcoholism is a disease that if left untreated can cost your life and the lives of innocent others.

This condition has symptoms and signs that if recognized in time could prompt you to seek treatment; a vital step to improving your quality of life.

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