Finding Purpose in Life


There are over 450 schools of thought and psychological interventions available to help improve your emotional or psychological state. There are also a large number of therapeutic strategies that seek to alleviate mental illness or change the thinking of an individual who is struggling in life. Existentialism is among this large number of schools.

Existential psychotherapy is a philosophical approach that sees a human being in constant states of development and evolution. There is no doubt that all human beings, at some point in life, face problems. This school of thought strives to increase the awareness and understanding of why people exist in order to better understand their problems.

One form of psychotherapy under the umbrella of existentialism is known as Logotherapy. Developed by Viktor Frankl, Logotherapy emphasizes the importance of finding meaning in life. It is important to note that Frankl was a prisoner in a concentration camp during World War II. During the three years he was a prisoner, Frankl lost his parents and his wife, who were prisoners in different camps. He not only survived challenges and adversities, but he was able to make sense of and find meaning in his existence.

According to Frankl’s Logotherapy , if human beings worried  less about the material things in life, if we put aside the achievements, problems, ego, and arrogance, we would  understand that the only thing left is our essence, genesis, and logos. This allows us to view the details, qualities, and characteristics of the self, which are otherwise difficult to see. This view will help us focus on the aspects of life that really matter. Eventually, we will be able to find meaning and live a more pleasant life.

Logotherapy is one of the schools of psychotherapy that mental health professionals can use to help a person who is experiencing difficulties (i.e., depression, anxiety, alcoholism, or drug addiction). However, most psychotherapists use a more eclectic approach. This means, they can use several concepts derived from two or more schools of thought. In any technique or school of thought that is used, the purpose is to help the person overcome his or her problems and, eventually, feel better.


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