And What Do You Prefer, Happiness or Tranquility?

Several days ago I received a chain email sent to hundreds of people. It came from someone I had not heard from in a long time. I asked her how she was doing. A couple of days later, she replied: “I’m focusing on living every moment of life fully, overcoming obstacles, and increasing my wisdom and spiritual joy. Thanks for your interest; I hope you’re also all right.” I was struck by her answer, and I think her message was powerful.

Many times we are dedicated to living life fast and we get into problems and situations that, when analyzed carefully, we have no reason to be in. Many want to be “happy”. But what is happiness, and what are we doing to get it? The issue of the pursuit of happiness has always been controversial. For centuries, humans have sought happiness as a common goal and a state of perfection and permanence. Many seek it in external events and materials, while others look inside. Many do not feel happy until they achieve a much-desired goal such as buying a house or car, taking a trip abroad, or even obtaining a more stable immigration status. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget that happiness is often made up of little moments lived from day to day. There are things that seem insignificant but which can fill us with joy and happiness.

Interestingly, there are cultures where the ultimate goal is not centered on personal happiness. In some Asian cultures, for example, there are a large number of people who are constantly looking to have a quiet and peaceful life. Many seek this peace through spiritual growth. Peace and harmony that produces tranquility is what many want to have, but for some it is almost unattainable. Tranquility may be the means of attaining a heart which is at peace; free of rancor and resentment, which can help a person live a healthy life. And for many, such tranquility may be synonymous with happiness.

I was glad to hear that my friend who sent the email is living a life of tranquility and harmony. You may also be at peace with yourself, a key aspect of achieving both happiness and tranquility.

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